Marty Hicks

Beginning with the sound of a single chord reverberating through silence, Marty Hicks's “Olreilion” unfolds as a tapestry of delicate piano phrases, warm synths, blankets of soft noise, and organic soundscapes.
Recorded on gently humming tape, the album presents a slow journey through memory and the inner self, pausing often to revel in the scenery.
Somewhere within the confines of the electronic devices heard throughout the work there is a sense of physicality, lending visceral presence to an otherwise artificial sound.


all tracks written & performed by marty hicks
mastered by chihei hatakeyama
photography & design by ryo fujimoto (
special thanks to michiru aoyama

this music was made in the warmth left behind by yu sakamoto


released February 28, 2019

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All art directed by Ryo Fujimoto 

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