Corrado Maria De Santis is an Italian guitarist. Coming from an academic background in contemporary jazz he has gradually moved towards experimental drone ambient work.
His work primarily is characterized by the blending of the raw improvised guitar with sounds generated from his computer, creating soundscapes rich with surprises from domestic sounds bringing to mind a fly buzz in the window, the creak of a bed or the hum of a street light to rich sweeping harmonics shifting the tone to the ocean and the cold wind.
His aesthetic interest and sonic experiments reference oscillations of the Earth and it’s silence while utilizing pattern’s meditative power with drone sounds broken by glitches. His instrumental virtuosity allows mysterious improvised soundscapes to coexist with melody led composition.



Composed, performed, recorded and produced by Corrado Maria De Santis. Mixed and mastered by Fabio Fraschini at PlayRec Studio, Rome, Italy. December 2019.
photography & design by ryo fujimoto (
special thanks to michiru aoyama